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Custom Web Design, Integrated Social Media, SEO, Web Marketing, Mobile-Ready Responsive Websites — all crafted by Factor of 4!

You need a website, domain name, e-mail, SEO, or database — we provide a complete package of responsive Internet services that will help you connect with your audience.

A Connected World: Factor of 4 - Responsive Web Design

Factor of 4 is your web marketing partner optimizing your message for a connected world.

  Managed Hosting.
    Responsive Websites.
      Custom Web Redesign.
        Integrated Social Media.
          Search Engine Optimization.

Factor of 4 Continuity of Services and Communications During COVID-19

We at Factor of 4 recognize that some of our clients face serious personal and business problems due to the rapid growth of COVID-19 in our community.

Internet-based services and communications will be essential during this crisis.

We believe our strength as a community derives from all of us doing what we can to help ourselves and others. We cannot foresee the outcome of this crisis, but we believe we can work together to improve things.

We pledge:

1. We will maintain our Factor of 4 services as always, around the clock, every day. That's what we do. We—each of us—have been, and continue to work from our home offices. We have operated as a distributed & networked company since we formed in 2000.

2. In the event you have difficulty paying for our services, we will work with you to find a solution. To do this, we need you to let us know as soon as possible should you need help.

3. Our web servers and E-mail servers operate in a secure, environmentally controlled data-center environment.

4. We are available as usual via telephone and E-mail to address questions about your services, including technical support, needed changes, and your account.

Factor of 4 can help you get tangible results.

Your website not showing up on Google? Need a local and trusted design team to redesign your website for integrated social media and mobile devices?

Bring our 20+ years experience, intelligence, and knowledge to your team. Do it with style that your clients can trust. We work with you personally to provide the optimal Internet services you need.

…your team really listened well to my new vision and produced a website upgrade that I am proud of.

John ArmstrongThe MAGIC Painting Company

Factor of 4 provides personalized and experienced Internet services for 100s of Minnesota clients. We partner with: OpenSRS certified reseller of domain names and SSL eCommerce certificates; PAIR; ipHouse; and Blue Ox Solutions, and exclusively build customized websites and Internet-enabled applications using standard, secure, open-source frameworks.