Responsive web design and web site hosting

Factor of 4 Business Principles & Values

  • We understand the wisdom of collaborating with other technical professionals in effective, mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • We believe in technology sharing which not only benefits the greater good, but also enhances our own technical-development environment.
  • We bring to bear just those professionals qualified to work on your project, so that we can achieve greater quality and efficiency at an affordable price.
  • We believe in "buying local" and "keeping local Internet traffic local", and the same is true for hosting websites for local organizations locally, rather than on a national hosting web hosting "tenement warehouse".

We Value:

  • Human-oriented information systems that are self-revealing in their use.
  • Visual clarity in presentation of information.
  • Reliable and robust software, reducing total cost and supporting quality user experience.
  • Fair treatment of customers, vendors and partners.
  • Seeing people served well by our cost-effective creations.

Our Vision

We understand the phenomenon of accelerating improvement in global human communication and collaboration that enables people to pursue projects on ever-expanding scales. This can require up to a "factor of 4" improvement in productivity.

We seek harmony with the essential nature of continuous change. We also strive for well defined sets of organizational principles. We benefit by embracing entities combining both chaos and order together (so-called "chaords") such as the Internet itself, because they are self-organizing and naturally mirror real-world processes.

"I am very pleased with the end results and have continued to recommend you to people who have inquired about your services. Your pool of experience, positivism and collaborative approach is something that will bring me back when we create the next stage." - John Armstrong, The MAGIC Painting Company