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Privacy Policy

By visiting this website, you reveal certain information to us. This information falls into two categories:

  • technical information provided by your browser during your visit, simply by viewing the website.
  • voluntary information provided by you when you choose to submit a contact form, that is clearly identified by the contact form.

We are committed to keeping private all information you reveal to us. We use technical information for operating our website service: for capacity planning and resource allocation, and for dealing with cyber attacks such as hacking and denial of service. We use voluntary information to track and respond to feedback and requests from our website visitors.

We never sell, trade, or otherwise divulge to any third party technical or voluntary information that you reveal to us, except for the purposes described above or as required by law. We do not process your information or correlate your information with third-party data except for the purposes described above. In providing information to a third party for the above purposes, we require that party to adhere to this policy.

We take prudent measures to prevent unauthorized access to information you reveal to us. While no computer system can be totally protected from attack, we believe we are taking reasonable steps to safeguard your information.

In response to your submission of voluntary information using this website, we may attempt to contact you by phone, postal mail, or email.

We maintain distribution email lists, and we may subscribe you to any of them based on the voluntary information you provide. We always provide a way to unsubscribe from any of our mailing lists.

This Privacy Policy does not describe handling of information that you might reveal to us in the course of a business relationship with us, even if you reveal the information through this website. Handling of such information may be governed by a services contract.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or about your voluntary or technical information covered by it, you can contact us online.